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aUI - The Language of SpaceaUI, The Language of Space, 1979, Chand Co. & Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, Ia., 4th Edition, 307 pp.$16.00
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Weilgart - Cosmic Elements of MeaningCosmic Elements of Meaning: Symbols of the Spirit's Life, 1975, Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, Ia., 303 pp.$18.00
CD recordingSounds of aUI, The Language of Space, spoken by W. John Weilgart and Arthur Deutscher, CD $ 5.00
yotu_saga_remu_lyrics-cover-400YOTU Saga: The Remu Lyrics -installment 1, Graphic novel by Toiya K. Finley, Art by Galacia Barton, aUI consulting by Andrea Weilgart Patten, 2015, Cosmic Communication Foundation, 94 pp.

The songs "Now, (Not Then)" and "Snow or Fire" by DUDDY, lyrics by Andrea Weilgart Patten & Toiya Kristen Finley are included in the purchased download of the graphic novel.

$ 4.00

W. John WielgartPublications by W. John Weilgart, Ph.D. of historical interest

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Kunst & Mystik (Psychology of Creation & Contemplation), 1939, Ph.D. thesis of J. W. Weixlgärtner, University of Vienna
Gedichte - Traumgesichte (Dream Poems, illustrated by Josephine Weixlgärtner), ~1940, Concordia Publ., Vienna$10
Macbeth: Demon & Bourgeois, 1946, Shakespeare Society Publ.
Creative Tensions, 1947, Monatshefte, 39th year, No. 3, University of Wisconsin Monthly, Madison, WI
Peace Education, Education, 67th year, N.Y., NY
Peace Philosophy, The Personalist, 28th year, Philosophy Dept., University of S. California, L.A., CA
Who is Peaceful? 1950, Exposition Press, N.Y.$5
Shakespeare Psychognostic, Character Evolution & Transformation, 1952, Hokuseido Press, Tokyo$10
Fredens Etik (Ethics of Peace), 1954, Världs Horizont (World Horizon), United Nations J., Göteborg
La psychologie de la paix et la chretienté (Psychology of peace and Christianity), 1954, Psyche 55, No. 96/97, Paris
Weilgart, J. W., & F. Jost, W. Sinn, Heilung eines Waschzwanges (Cure of a compulsion neurosis with prepsychotic dreams), 1955 (June), Zum Traumerleben im präpsychotischen Studium, Wiener Archiv für Psychologie, Psychiatrie & Neurologie, p. 101-115
Weilgart, J. W., & F. Jost, M.D., Alkoholismus und Zoophilie (Hypnotic semantic therapy of alcoholic zoophiliac), 1956 (Oct.), Heilkunst, X, 69th year, Univ. of Munich Therapy Journal
Versuch zu einer selbstgelenkten Kindertherapie (Self-directed child therapy), 1956, Der Psychologe, VIII, Vol. 8, Bern
Was ist normal? (What is normal?), 1957 (Feb.), Världs Horizont, United Nations J., p. 23
Was ist normal im Schatten der Atombombe? (Psychology of the Aggression Drive), 1957, Gerold & Co., Vienna
Was ist normal: Kind und Jugend in der Gemeinschaft (Child & Youth in Society), 1957, Austrian State Publications on Education, Vienna
aUI, A Psychosymbolic Language of Semantic Therapy, 1958 (April), International Language Review
WERT (Weilgart-Ethos-Rhyme-Test), Wert Diagnosis for Prophylaxis and Therapy, 1966 (Spring), International Mental Health Research Newsletter, N.Y., Vol. VIII, No. 1, p. 10-16.
aUI, The Language of Space, 1968, 2nd. ed., Chand & Co., New Delhi
The Language of Space, Peace through Understanding, 1970, Decorah, IA
aUI, BioRhythms of Communication, 1970, Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, IA
The Sounding Cave of Wind & Wave, Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, IA
Cosmic Cards, quartet game, 1970$3
Communication: Logic or Command, 1971, Papers in Linguistics, Linguistic Research Inc., Univ. of Illinois & Alberta, p. 127-168
Cosmic Dreams in Healing Words (aUI & English), 1971, Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, IA
aUI, The Language of Space, 1974, 3rd enriched ed., Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, IA
Cosmic Communication in Elements of Essence, 1975, Cosmic Communication Co., Decorah, IA$3
Toward a Scientific Language, (for Academy of Science), 1976
Peace thru People: A philosophy of survival for the pan-atomic age, 1977$5
Cosmic Logotherapy with aUI, the Language of Space: Health thru Harmony, Creation & Truth, 1978
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