Learn aUI

“Man solves his problems in a system of symbols.”


What if we could look at all of the languages in the world and come up the most basic set of meanings possible?  What if we broke down every word until we couldn’t get to a more basic meaning, then combined these meanings into a new “alphabet.”  That’s what Dr. Weilgart tried to do with aUI.  Want to see how it works?

Work through our fun activities.  The Elements of Meaning will teach you the basic symbols and pronunciations. Then, try our phoneme module (a phoneme is a basic element of sound in language), where you can practice understanding spoken aUI (coming soon).  You can also start with the Big Bang and try to intuitively guess at each symbol’s meaning (we bet you will guess right often, because aUI is an intuitive language).  Or you can use the Big Bang to test the skills you learned in theElements of Meaning and Phoneme Practice.  Then, you can move on to the Semantic Family Tree game.  You can begin making words.  Then you can learn grammar.  If you create an account, then after every activity, you earn rewards, and when you reach new levels of learning, we give you prizes, like the graphic novel, or even the aUI font.

If you want to learn more, or take it to the next level, click on “Andi’s notes,” like you see below, throughout the aUI site. There, you will find further learning, a more intellectual take on language and linguistics, and further thoughts from the world’s leading aUI expert.

Andi's Notes

Check out the chart of the symbols under Elements of Meaning and then try some of the aUI combos out for yourself. See if you can make sense of it on your first introduction to aUI! If you’re even more adventurous, you can try the Pictograph Test (click the image below to go to the module page), given to most of Dr. Weilgart’s psychology students after getting just a brief description of the symbols’ meanings.