YOTU Saga – The Remu Lyrics

Read the graphic novel, inspired by aUI!

In YOTU Saga: The Remu Lyrics, Zee must stop the violent influence of a song gone viral. As she seeks out Two Pines, the rising stars behind the lyrics, symbols from a strange language flood Zee’s imagination. Follow Zee’s journey as she pieces together the language, and unlocks the secret in Two Pines’s music—and her own past…

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Installment 1 is now available for purchase, and is bundled with the Duddy Brown song “Snow or Fire.”  You can download the first three chapters of Installment 1, and the Duddy Brown song “Now (Not Then)” free below.  The remaining ten chapters will be posted as they are developed — and you can even win them when you play the aUI language learning exercises on this site.

Author: Toiya Krisazaten Finley (with consultation by Andrea Weilgart Patten)
Manga artist: Galacia Barton
Music Artist/vocalist & female vocalist: Two Pines (aka DUDDY x Sarahjane Fischel)
Lyrics: Andrea Weilgart Patten (Now, Not Then) & Toiya Kristen Finley (Snow or Fire)

Buy YOTU Saga - The Remu Lyrics (Installment 1) and get the mp3 singles "Now (Not Then)" and “Snow and Fire“ free:
Download "YOTU Saga- The Remu Lyrics-(ch. 1-3)" (free pdf)
Download the song "Now (Not Then)" (free mp3)