i ag a     Light in Space


bim rim da!     Bright splendid ways!
i iv ad a.     Light shines through Space.
tubev yf i.     Meets other light.
“jytvu i,     “Brother Light,
1nai Ub trO,     Ray of hope (from above)
iE Ub brO,     Fire of love,
fnu’c ynEn Ib ynam     We are few and small
ag yim can-nam.     In the darkness of the All.
yi vyotAv fnu,     Darkness will be our end,
fum ayn-Am bru,     my point-timed friend,
ag ydim tA.     in the dim future,
yUg fA     But now
fnu irv fnum da,     we shall shine our rays
irv ad dam yim a.”     to brighten the ways


of wide, dark Space.”