This module is for self study. As you explore the module, you can test your knowledge of the different aUI symbols, their English meanings, and their pronunciations.

Below is list of the aUI semantic primes (the simplest building blocks of meaning, ideas that cannot be broken down any further).

Pronunciation Guide:

* These phonemes from give two pronunciations, the first one as the initial sound in front of an 'Ah' sound, and the second one following an 'Ah' sound
iLighti/ɪ/ or /i/
QConditionØ/œ/ or /øː/
rGoodr/r/ or /R/*
Andi's Notes - To learn more, begin with the Vowels...
(Sonorants: unrestricted airflow, representing free, independent concepts, pronounced as in European languages & Old English)


a  a     SPACE:  (as in open, short ‘Mama’, the round Space we first inhabit); an open Space; Space is all around us


A  A  TIME:  (long as in ‘FAther Time’, as it lasts long); Time is measured in elliptical orbits of moon and sun: month and year; an elongation of Space


e e  MOVEMENT:  (short as in ‘jet propelled’; a front-tongue vowel, as we should Move forward); a spiral nebula’s primal cosmic Motion


E  E  MATTER:  (long as in Eh? without the dipthong, as Matter lasts longer than Movement); a brick stone of Matter


i i  LIGHT:  (short as in ‘lit’; the quickest & brightest vowel, with highest frequency, 3000 cycles/second at its upper formant; high front-tongue vowel: we see Light in front and high in the sky; Light travels quickest); a source of Light with rays spreading out


I  I  SOUND:  (long as in ‘shrIeking polIce’ siren, as Sound travels more slowly than Light); a sinusoidal Sound wave


u  u  HUMAN:  (as in ‘pushy Humans’); the two-armed or two-legged Human, also depicting the dual Human nature


U  U  MIND, SPIRIT:  (as in ‘trUe’ Spirit; a high back-tongue vowel: Spirit soars high, but holds its mystery long); a triangle representing the many possible trinities of spiritual traditions and philosophies


o  o  (short as in the second syllable of  ‘zo-ol-ogy’); a leaf is the site of photosynthesis, the basis of Life on this planet; chlorophyll is similar in molecular structure to hemoglobin of blood


O  O  (as in ‘Oh’ without the dipthong; we touch our heart and say ‘Oh’ when we Feel deeply; rounded back-tongue vowel: we tend to hold our Feelings back); heart rate and blood pressure reveal the state of our Feelings


Q  Q  (Ö,Ø) CONDITION:  (as in ‘wO[r]d’ with the lips kept tightly rounded); ‘Ifs’ hem us in as between parentheses


Y  Y  NEGATION, OPPOSITE:  (preceding a consonant, Negation is a vowel, sounding as in trulY with the lips kept tightly rounded; preceding a vowel, Negation is a consonant, sounding as in ‘you’, so it negates even in sound whatever follows it); a minus sign or bar negating or opposing whatever stands underneath




w  w  POWER:  (as in ‘work-power’); potential energy lying down, which could rise into a bolt of Action


L  L  ROUNDED:  (as in ‘Lollipop’, rounding the tongue into a spoon; L is a sonant like ‘r’ (Good) since round shapes symbolize perfection); a Round around a Round, circle within a circle; also alludes to the Rounded egg and other curvaceous feminine shapes, as well as the potential of carrying new life within a body


r  r  POSITIVE, GOOD:  (rolled r, as a cat purrs; can be rolled inside to symbolize inner, essential goodness, or more centrally, medially, in the tongue position of ‘d’, Means, to show medial goods, useful for something else); a plus-sign; a cross transmitting Goodness downward from above and spreading in either direction


Unvoiced Fricatives:
(representing some kind of latent friction in their concepts)


f  f  THIS:  (‘f’ hisses lip-friction, we point our lips forward at This or point with ‘finger’ at This; Fox Native Americans pointed with lips); an abbreviated arrow pointing down at This


s  s  THING, CONCRETE ending:  (as in ‘sack’; we hiss at Things that soil the pure Spirit, who objects to objects); round, closed in itself so it might be enclosed in a sack; it also can make a theoretical concept into a concrete entity


c  c  EXISTENCE, BEING: (sh, as in ‘precious special Existence’; close to its voiced equivalent ‘j’, Equal: Exist = stay Equal = remain identical to self); upright line – when you stand up you ex-ist = to stand out (Latin sistere)


x  x  RELATION:  (rasping snore sound of Mexico, Greek X, German & Scotch ‘Loch’; “If you snore with someone, you may have a Relation.” Guttural friction sound: Relation means inner friction); a double abbreviated arrow from you to me and from me to you


h  h  QUESTION:  (as in ‘how?’, gasping a Question; inside us our very breath asks: a guttural spirant – aspiration – quest); a simplified Question mark


Voiced Fricatives: (representing more apparent friction in their concepts)


v  v  ACTION, MAKE, DO, VERB ending:  (as in ‘vim’, a labial, vigorously vibrating the lips in front, since we act forward and outward); a bolt of lightning, the most active in nature, synthesizing nitrogen + oxygen to…protoplasm; Thor and Jupiter acted by throwing thunderbolts


z  z  PART:  (as in ‘buzz-saw’; a dental sound: teeth bite a-part); a half-moon or round cheese cut a-Part


j  j  EQUALITY:  (as in ‘equation’, ‘measure’; the sound of flowing water); an Equal sign connected so it can be drawn in one line; water stands horizontal, even, equal in height if not disturbed




m  m  QUALITY, MODIFIER ending:  (as in ‘mmm, that’s good’; a nasal sound, Quality was first smelled with the nose); a bowl, rounded and feminine, since women often intuit Quality (whereas men often measure Quantity, which is its angular version); an open vessel is also an ancient way of symbolizing the feminine


n  n  QUANTITY, MUCH, MANY:  (as in ‘number’); a measuring container


Unvoiced Stops: (topo-vectors that show position)


p  p  BEFORE:  (as in ‘pre-, pro-, proto-‘; blown in Front of the mouth, from the lips); a dot in Front of a line


t  t  TOWARD:  (as in ‘tongue tip tucking To-ward a thing); an abbreviated arrow or hook pulling Toward


k  k  ABOVE:  (as in ‘king has a krown on his Kopf’; articulated on the upper palate of the mouth); a dot Above a line


Voiced Stops:


b  b  TOGETHER:  (as in ‘both bonded’ Together; lips are pressed Together); two dots joined Together by an arc


d  d  THROUGH, MEANS, TOOL:  (as in ‘diagnose’ – when Doc sticks his nose Through the patient’s belly to Though-know him); a line crossing diagonally Through another, similar in image to liquid being sucked Through – by Means of – a straw, it becomes a Tool


g  g  INSIDE:  (as in ‘guttural’ Inside throat, ‘inner guts’); a dot or Thing Inside a circle