Writings and Translations by W. John Weilgart from aUI, The Language of Space, 4th ed., 1979 (*excepted)
(Note: the poetic English is not always a literal translation of the aUI original.)

Builder’s Dream (p. XV)Light in Space (p. XIII)
Cosmic Christ*Mystic Ascent (p. XXV)
The Cosmic Way (p. 3)Poem on Time (p. 69)
Song texts and translations
Home in Heaven (p. XXII)Silent Night (p. XII)
The “Mary”-Go-Round (XX)The Song of Different Jim (p. 106)
Short stories, paragraphs, and translations
The Boy and the Star (p.54)What the little boy learned from the Spaceman about Light (p. 100)
How to communicate with Spacemen (p. 88)Why don’t spacemen come often to this land? (p. 95)
Macbeth quote (p. 69)Why must we learn the Language of Space? (p. 95)
Our Common Tongues (p. 109)The Shark by Leo Tolstoy (p. 160)
Pilot and Spaceman (p. 145)The Spaceman and Dress (p. 93)
The Way of the Star and of Man (p. 113)

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i ag aLight in Space
bim rim da!

i iv ad a.

tubev yf i.

“jytvu i,

1nai Ub trO,

iE Ub brO,

fnu’c ynEn Ib ynam

ag yim can-nam.

yi vyotAv fnu,

fum ayn-Am bru,

ag ydim tA.

yUg fA

fnu irv fnum da,

irv ad dam yim a.”
Bright splendid ways!

Light shines through Space.

Meets other light.

“Brother Light,

Ray of hope (from above)

Fire of love,

We are few and small

In the darkness of the All.

Darkness will be our end,

my point-timed friend,

in the dim future,

(we know not how)

But now

we shall shine our rays

to brighten the ways

of wide, dark Space.”
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fuga ag knaHome in Heaven
ag can a, 1mf1m fu:

fu’c yg jUm iU.

yfam nu, yb rUm bru;

OU yc bav brU.

OU yc bav brU.

uga-rO, fuga-brO!

UtetAv bu hA?

Ag fum o, yAp fum yo?

tUtetAv bu cnA.

trOtAv rUt fum rA.

EjUm krO, cEm riO:

hA iOv nUm rU?

ha ag ca? twam ag kna;

xA, fu tubev kU;

ytbetAv ag U;

xA fu tubev kU.

ytu fum, ha bu cEv?

io tUv at i.

fuga fum, hE bu tEv?

fu trAv 1m ag yi;

Orv iU ag yi, Orv iU ag yi.

tErv kam tok!

b1rv eb can!

tnerv yt ytu, bEn!

erv yt fan, kerv at kan:

berv eb kEn Ib jEn;

1rv eb kan Ib kEn!

terv eb fU! tnerv tak kU!

OU b1rv canU.

orv ag brO, brU, riO!

kU serv brU rUt fU;

terv tag fU, brOm kU!

Aserv brO Ib brU!
(literal translation)
In all space, I alone:

I am outside of equal (adequate) understanding.

Strange people, without good friends;

Soul not has peace.

Soul not has peace.

House-pleasure, home-love!

Will find you where?

In my life, after my death?

Will search you always.

Will hope for my right time.

True joy, real beauty:

When see wise goodness?

Where in world? Possible in heaven;

when I meet God;

Will dissolve in Spirit;

when I meet God.

Parent my, where you are?

Plant strives to light.

Home my, what you become?

I wait only in darkness;

Feel understanding in darkness.

Become high tree!

Unite with all!

Grow from parent, Earth!

Move from here, soar to sky:

Together-move with air and water;

Join with sky and air!

Come with self! Grow up to God!

Soul join universe.

Live in love, peace, beauty!

God give peace for self;

come into self, loving God!

Lend love and peace!
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The “Mary”-Go-RoundThe “Mary”-Go-Round
qg 2ki nev aL pI bEn, xE Lev aL

pI 1ki, bEn Uv cEv pI gaz;

yUg pI 1ki itAv, xA bEn yc LetAv,

qg bEn yc AgUtAv sEm taz.

yUg xA pAom ryvu tetAv kab kna,

1ki-bEn-2ki ytbev ag a.

rUg-orv fnum rOves, xE rqg av-aL:

Oh! riOm rOves “ca-baL”!
When Mary goes round on the merry-go-round,

she thinks she is queen of the show;

but the “Merry” goes round without Mary around,

and the stars are shining below…

But when the Old Lady comes up on the sky,

beautiful Merry-go-round bye, bye…

beautiful Merry-go-round, bye, bye:

beautiful Merry-go-round!


If the moon runs around the earth, which turns around the sun, the Earth thinks it’s in the center (which as “Mary, queen of the show” symbolizes the pride of mankind). But the sun will shine, when the Earth will no longer turn, if the Earth will not remember its direction. (This refers to forgetting mankind’s ethical goals, and reversal of spin in anti-matter weapons — reminding of “stars shining below” in debasing of ideals). But when the Old Lady (Death) comes up on the sky (heaven), Sun-Earth-Moon dissolves in Space; farewell our toy, which luckily goes around; Oh, beautiful plaything “universe-orbit-together” (Merry-go-round) good-bye!

(In a humorous way the song warns of hybris and loss of the ideal of the Spirit, and counsels Cosmic Communication in the Language of Space. But if final catastrophe should strike a mad mankind, it comforts us that all has been a dream and a play, a merry-go-round reflected in the lake, an illusion of stars of eternity.)
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yIm yiA, kUrUm yiASilent Night, Holy Night in aUI
yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA

can yvAv, cvAv 1m fA

kUrUm b2j 1mf1m, trOvAm Ib brOm,

kUtvu r1m ynynvu riOm:

Ayerv rUg ag knam brU!

UyvArv rUg ag knam brU!

yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA!

bosu Ov, Uf fiA

knau tagepAv kna at iO;

kUO kEdev at bEn Uj kubrO:

xrist ytyrv yt yrU!

trovu ytyrv yt yrU!

yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA

brO setAv fAvm tA;

kUm riOma iv jOm pfE ki

daiuv 3 nUm knu Ud knam i:

toepAm tvu c’ Ub kU!

toepAm tvu cEv yt kU!
(The translation partly follows the original German more closely than the English version.)

Silent night, holy night,

all sleeps, being awake only now

holy pair alone, hoping and loving,

Godson from young girl beautiful:

rest well in heavenly peace,

sleep well in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night,

herdsmen feel, that today

angels opened heaven to sight;

Glory flies to Earth as mercy:

Christ saves from evil spirit,

Healer saves from evil.

Silent night, holy night,

love will give new future;

holy Grace shines like that star

leads three wise kings by heavenly light:

born son is of God,

born son is from God.
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kUiOm tUkbeMystic Ascent

yt c-nAm ytU,

ivAm fU-LeLvAm ad kan Ub yin,

c1n UviOvs-ynkup Ub iOwE

typiv ax-tygLe Ub kin

riO-U-bO vE,

bevAm Ud in

kyb bEna-yrU.

yn-xrObca-jiOd Ub can-ca

can-xrObca-iOd Ub kan-ca.

At ag ypAz,

xE twUpAv jEtbEv

Ut cEv

1fUm krOwE, tA bEtjEv

tag jEz-yitAz,

tyivAm, tygLevAm tag O-yin,

typevAm at xrObcam brU

ytbevAm ag jEna Ub U.
Diamond of the Soul,

blinking, revolving

through the night-sky,

each facet reflecting a star-

array, connecting far-

streaming rays, drawing their light nigh:

Rolling mirror of the Whole.

Until in the end,

what wanted to Be

a diamond, will melt

into a dawndrop of dew,

to offer and spend

itself as it had been dealt,

returning to whence it grew,

sinking, dissolving

into the Spirit’s Sea.
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xrOb-cam xristCosmic Christ
xrOb-can xrist!

b1nayv 2g dL1nas Ub twU

kab d1na Ub wUvU:

bum ogta UIvAm

UI Ub U,

bum b5 bAvAm pI bwE

Ub mabyvAm-E

rUt vogz-vEpAm ejEn

Ub L1ki-tUb nEn –

yIn maLevAm ki

viyivAm Lag yi.

xrUb-cnam xrist!

v1nayv 2g dL1nas

Ub canU

kab d1na Ub cEvU:

bum koged bL1nav ygEm a,

bum ykb5 EtbOv

yrOjEn Ub A

ejEvAm yt

iOz-LeLvAm kin-tygLe

tagem yt UgnyrO,

gyEm Ud nyrgO –

tfA yrOjEvAm,

tiOvAm yneki,

rUt xE bum tr2g-tevUs

pAc yb tsUs…?
Cosmic Christ!

strung between the poles of resolve,

on the cross of creation:

Your mouth speaking

the word of the Spirit,

Your hands holding the loam

of matter molded

for loin-engendered streams

of solar-systems –

circling stars

sparkling in darkness.

Cosmic Christ!

stretched between the poles

of the universe

on the cross of existence:

Your arms embracing empty space,

Your feet touching

the tear-stream of time

flowing from your eye –

a gyrating galaxy,

gaping in agony,

hollowed in sorrow –

weeping, still

looking toward a little planet,

where your intervention

was in vain…?

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vugavu yiviOsBuilder’s Dream
1. kUit yktepAv1. Image Descended
fAom vugavu

rim yiviOpAv

tA-vugav yI trov-ga

ve-mavAm sEm ga-u:

rUm, rUnUm, riOm.

ga sev sEm gau

ro, UrO, Ib brO.

uga Ub fE mUz

bav yktok ag bEn

yUg yc waLe-tAv.

ura Ub fE jU-ma

tnev-yEc eb sEm cEvs

wav okEv rUt oU

b1v nu yd yrU.

yI ydyrd bU-tAvAm

eb Eo Ib ki

yt bEm robE

OU wav Okev at kna.

yt E at U

tUk vektepAm.
A young builder dreamed

of building a building

that could heal its inhabitants,

molding its dwellers

good, beautiful, wise;

that would lend its dwellers

health, happiness, love.

A house of this kind

could root in the ground

but would not confine here.

A building like this

could grow with its creatures

could breathe for the brethren

unite them secure.

A shelter communing

with nature and stars

from solid soil

the soul could soar to the sky.

From matter to spirit

lifted aloft.
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2. vyc-yk-yrkU2.Destruction’s Demon
vugavu UOvAm

tUv-mavAm bEtkU

tvePAv nEn 1kiA

tvUvAm oA

at tebev yiviOs.

tUvAm vum uwe

vu Utev ypnAmQ

ypAzm jrUm ytbe:

bEm Ib 1bzam

pI nURvAm bzUx.

U-jwUsku yrUIv:

„fEm Es yc wav cEv,

yUt fnu yA iOpAv.“

bunte tyc-jwUskuv.

ugavu ag yndrE

bybim Ib ywom

vu gyEv 1nagyE.

tykwEzev pIn wE

bEtjEpAv diwE.
The builder divining

designing constructing

tried years

and ages

to reach his dream.

Striving and toiling

at last dawned upon him

a final solution

solid and simple

the valid design.

The critics grinned:

“There can be no such thing,

for we never saw one.”

Convention condemns.

The builder in poverty

graying and weakened

he dug the ditches

he crushed the rocks

he melted crystals.
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3. knuwa Ub OU.3. Realm of Souls
yImU … cvAvU

Una kyb A

ade kad U-a

U-dam Ib kUm.

nuTga Ub tsyvQ:

‚fu yc twOv agtev,

yrytEpAv twamQ!

fum o pAc yb tsU!’

yUg knau tagev:

“terv tag Ib rUgterv!

fnu trApAv rUt bu.“

vugavu 1tev

kab rim da 2g bEtkU.

vu tagev iOz

at ubOm uavQ;

Uj vu UOpAv snE,

fEn yg-1nav pI da.

‚pfA can, fu tvepAv xnE,

fa pApAc can A!

fum tUv yc pAc wyvUm.’

Dimensions beyond,

voyage thru spaces

vast and sublime.

Gate of Acceptance:

‘I dare not enter,

I wasted potentials!

My life was in vain.’

But Angels open:

“Come in! You are welcome.

We waited for you.”

The builder trod

on the roads of radiance.

He opened his eyes

to familiar abodes;

as he had divined them,

they border this street!

‘Then all I tried for,

had been here all the time!

There was no need for my striving.’

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vu vugapAv ugaHe built his house
atkevAm Ib 1naim

kLuga idEm

tok-jOm tykE-kyb

vrUpAm can o-cEvs

OU kev yt o-bE.

yUg fA bUt vrAmQ


tyr-tiOpAv at kUO

yrtyfbrO yr-krO-Iv.

Ud iEm b5b

vu tyc-vev yt yk:

sE tygwev kiE.

ugavu iEv ag vum ugavs

Y-trOvAm nyrO-A:

can pAc yb tsUs.
rising and radiant

dome translucent

tree weight-transcending

blessing all beings

soil…soaring soul.

Now near completion

the green-eyed fiend

scowled at the glory

and grinned in envy;

with fiery fist

he wrecked from below,

it burst into flames.

Builder burnt in his building

despairing agony:

all was in vain.
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pI vavUu tygrOv:The messenger smiled:
“yr. bu vEpAv fEn.

fE cEv bum ruwe,

bum bavum wUvU.

fnu OU c’ fA yb yrvs.

fnum cnAmU ejEv

ag r1m kU-iOvU.

fnu yc wOv vUv

fnu ybav rUOm twU.

fnu yc wav wUv:

fnu wyvUv bum ruwe Ub brO.

xA bu yiviOpAv,

fa sE tepAv tag cEvQ.

fE cEv knuwa Ub


xa kUit Ib tUvQ

cvEyv UrOg.

rUg-tepAm! ytOr!

bu vugapAv nEn knuga

rUt fnu, bum U-jytu.

bu vEpAv bum uga

rUt fuga 'b O-U!"
“No. – You have made these.

This is your work,

your creation and deed.

We souls are now sinless.

Eternity flows us

in pure contemplation.

We may not act

We lack trusting will.

We can not create:

We needed your labor of love.

Whenever you dreamed,

here it came into being.

This is the realm of

fulfilled endeavor,

where dreams and strivings

are realized.

Welcome and Thanks!

You have built many mansions

for us, your brethren.

You built this house

as home for your soul!”