General Guide to aUI

On this page, you will find some examples of basic combinations of the aUI “alphabet,” including basic verbs and sentences, as well as some general rules for using the language.  Read through and learn how meaning is created in aUI.

Communicating with Basic Combinations



There is no “formal” grammar since all the elements still retain their original meaning.
The rule is: we talk “as clear as we must, as short as we can.”

In creating combinations, we try to find the necessary and sufficient characteristics in a nutshell. This means we are looking for as many elements as we need to identify the word — but only as many as will distinguish it from other related words. What is the bare minimum of elements that are contained in this word? Which elements identify its essence – its basic, fundamental meaning? If the existing formulation doesn’t seem precise enough to our exacting sensibilities, we can add a symbol or a few more to fit the context. 

For instance the original word for ‘drink’ (verb) is jEv jEv [liquid-Action/Verb ending] – perhaps the most common and relevant action humans do with a liquid. To make it more precise we can add to it: jEt-gev jEt-gev [liquid-Toward-Inside-move]; or: jEt-gov jEt-gov [liquid-Toward-Inside-Life-Action]; or: jE-togev jE-togev [liquid-Toward-body-move] which might be translated into a fancier term like imbibe. So there are always several possibilities, depending how exacting one wants to be; but one also needs to consider pronounceability – sometimes the order of the elements needs to be adjusted to make pronunciation easier. If the word is used often, we may end up abbreviating it again to the shorter version.The minimalistic versions of word formulations could actually be considered informal speech or slang! 

The end of the word is what it ultimately is: a dog-house is a kind of house, but a house-dog is a kind of dog. The best way to learn about word formulation is to familiarize yourself with the existing vocabulary first. 

[For future completion: Go Into the Wordy Woods for a fun trail that leads to an ever developing semantic tree and see how far you can help it grow!]