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The Cosmic Communication Foundation

Our non-profit organization was formed in 2014 to develop various media platforms that teach and entertain with aUI, the Language of Space, and to solicit and coordinate funds to achieve these purposes.

When one of my father’s first students, John Matthias, contacted me out of the blue in 2012, I took it is a signal to move ahead with the support I’d been waiting for all these years. Alone, the project seemed daunting to me. Then we recruited another of my father’s former dedicated students, Robert Zumberge, to join us in forming the Board for the Cosmic Communication Foundation.

Andrea Weilgart Patten, Director

Andrea Weilgart Patten, DirectorAs my father’s older daughter, I’ve always felt I inherited this luminous–but languishing–linguistic legacy to carry forward. Growing up, it was a heavy perceived responsibility, and one I didn’t necessarily welcome.  But after years of doing my own thing, it feels like a unique, incredible opportunity.

Now, I’m grateful for all the times my sister Lindy and I were expected to attend my father’s Monday night seminar in the ‘Psychology of Communication’ (aka, The Language of Space).  It seemed embarrassingly radical and far-out to me.  But it was the late 60s and early 70s, after all, so I could have spared myself the uneasiness with our image.  The class began as meetings in our humble, 2-bedroom home, with the two of us as the symbol-savvy chalk-board champs! My favorite part was playing the aUI-English word creation-guessing game with the grown-up students (two of them who are with me now on the Board of Cosmic Communication Foundation). It was fun coming up with original aUI combos, especially when they were actually understood. Years later, I see those meetings as ‘radical’ in its other definition — referring to the root, as in the root meaning. Now I see it as our search for that elusive fundamental meaning — getting back to the roots of linguistic meaning, which we share, who knows…..with most all other human languages?  Could human cultures have in common some set of  root concepts — the essential elements that allow us as rational beings to formulate our inexorable thoughts into words?

Another part of the classes I remember enjoying was the guided meditation my father often lead at the conclusion of the class. In a way, it allowed us to sense an existence that transcended this one, at least one that freed us from the constraints of any human communication. Perhaps aUI would lend itself best as a vehicle for spiritual truth.

At 14, I learned the German/English shorthand which my father used for all his envelope notes and writing.  There were dozens of manuscript filled three-ring binders that initially my mother, then I, and eventually my sister were to type. My mother was busy enough taking care of the book work and mail-order business.

In 2001 I attended the Linguistics Society of America’s summer institute and took three upper level and graduate classes in semantics. One was specifically in ‘cognitive lexical semantics’ – the closest linguistic area of study I could find related to the structure of aUI. In an essay for this class, I gave a comparison of Natural Semantic Meta-language’ explications of the German adjective gemütlich with formulations in aUI. I concluded, “Perhaps the Language of Space, even in its current simple form, may make possible the separation and exposition of semantic molecules within a word’s meaning. The use of ideographic morphemes facilitates the manipulation of semantic units.” This is as opposed to what I found to be the quite cumbersome, but popular, NSM method.  I don’t think the professor was amused.

Over the years, I’ve had a complicated relationship to my father’s constructed language, but I believe now that there is much to learn from it — most especially the possibilities it gives us for delving into the mystery of meaning at its essence, embarking on an experimental venture to see how far the simplest of semantic forms can take us in the creation of a new vehicle of communication….and therefore of thought.  I hope you will enjoy your explorations! Thanks for your interest.

John T. Matthias – Director of Language Learning

I met Dr. WeiMatthias photo January 2006 (1)lgart at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, when he offered The Language of Space as an interim class in January 1968, just after the first edition of his book was published. A small group of us met at the Weilgart home weekly to study aUI. He was always warm and gracious, and passionate about aUI and the use of language in general.

Partly influenced by him, I was a psychology major, and studied graduate linguistics and earned a degree in Mandarin Chinese. In more recent years, I programmed computers, practiced law and now consult in court management. These seemingly disparate life experiences have a common core in the love of language and analysis of its structure and uses.

Out of the blue, I contacted Andrea Weilgart Patten, and with Robert Zumberge, we have formed the Cosmic Communication Foundation. Our goals are to share  aUI with people, sponsor creative products and activities based on aUI, and promote, as Dr. Weilgart called it, “a common tongue of semantic communication …a creative play educating to the essence.”

Hope you enjoy the site!

Robert Zumberge – Director of Marketing

Robert ZumbergeI first met Dr. Weilgart at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, during an evening class in 1970.

Dr. Weilgart was compelling in his discussion of how political rulers used language and slogans to inflame the passion of their followers, how ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were use to keep the common man “in the dark” and how so many wars have been started simply from misunderstanding of words between rulers.

During this first class I learned the basic elements of meaning, aUI or Space Language.  I used these symbols in artwork to help me understand my thoughts and feelings. I found great satisfaction in reading the books and studying more about aUI over the years.

I became a friend to Dr. Weigart’s family, including Andrea, during the ’70’s and am very pleased to be part of the Cosmic Communication Foundation.

We look forward to adding rich content from the past and delivering new and beautiful content from new minds that are inspired by aUI in the future.